The volunteer car scheme run by Aylsham and District Care Trust plays a vital role in connecting 96 year old Sireta, and her 65 year old daughter Susan, with their community.

Sireta Knight moved into her 3 bedroom semi-detatched council house, now owned and managed by Victory Housing Trust, in the North Norfolk village of Colby in 1951. Married to husband George, their second daughter Susan was born in the house and has lived there all of her life. When George died just three years ago he and Sireta had celebrated 70 years of marriage. George had always been the driver in the family and this was the case until very shortly before his death.

Without the volunteer car scheme Mum could not have got to her hospital appointments in Norwich and Cromer’ says Susan, ‘Alison is always on the end of the phone, you can hear her smile, and she will usually ring us back within just a few hours of putting in a request’.

Sireta suffers from Osteoarthritus and spondylitis. She is solely reliant on daughter Susan to ensure she can continue to live an independent life at home. Without access to a car they depend on food deliveries from Budgens in Aylsham and support from her sister Christine who helps with shopping trips when she can. Their house sits almost equidistant between Aylsham, North Walsham & Cromer and whilst none of these market towns are far, without their own transport they are completely rurally isolated.

It’s like having my own private chauffeur’, says Sireta. ‘They are always so kind. They will wait for me and help me in & out of the building’. Our volunteer drivers support Sireta and Susan two or three times a month.

Aylsham & District Care Trust facilitates over 100 such connecting journeys every month through our volunteer car scheme, providing a supported return journey to the doctor, hospital outpatient, our own day care service at Meeting Hill, or other medical appointments.

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