90 year old Margaret Mildwater retired to her Aylsham bungalow with husband Roy in 1990. They soon became active members of the community and set up the drop in coffee mornings in Aylsham Town Hall. Margaret continued to run the drop in sessions for over 20 years despite the death of her beloved Roy in 2000. She also became a valuable member of the lunch club team, serving freshly prepared hot meals for those who may otherwise become isolated, to meet friends, socialise and get out of the house.

Speaking with passion at an Aylsham Town Hall ceremony in 2017 to thank ACT founder Rees Coghlan for his work, Margaret said; ‘I have loved being a volunteer for ACT because I love people’. The time has now come for Margaret to be on the receiving end of some that love herself.

With the restrictions placed on the community by Covid-19, ACT is now taking lunches to those who need them. Having been a volunteer for so many years, Margaret is now on the receiving end of ACT services and having lunch delivered - She is pictured with Liz Ward who is leading a small kitchen brigade of ACT staff and volunteers delivering over 200 lunches and afternoon teas across Aylsham & the surrounding districts every week. The charity is also delivering shopping and prescriptions, providing medical transport, telephone welfare support and personal care services for those who need a little extra help in the home.

Margaret Mildwater