Home Delivery Service

Our Orange Blossom Cafe is currently closed because of the Covid 19 pandemic. The cafe team however are still working hard and are however delivering meals in our community.

We are calling our regular lunch club members to see if they would like to come in to the centre to have lunch but currently most are still a little uncertain about coming and would prefer to have their lunch delivered to their homes.

Liz and the team are still working incredibly hard though and have set up a home delivery service and are currently delivering  around 200 meals a week. Some of the meals are to people who normally come to our lunch clubs and they are making a huge difference. It isn't just about the food it is also about maintaining regular contact and lots of our lunch club members love that time of day when they see a familiar face and share a smile with them.

Lunch club members pay £6.00 for their meal which is 2 courses (the price includes delivery).

We are also delivering a tea option for £4.00 which we deliver with the lunch. This includes a sandwich, a savoury, cake and a drink.

Anyone in the community can order a lunch though and the cost is £7.50 for 2 courses including delivery. We deliver to Aylsham and the surrounding villages, which currently include Buxton, Swanton Abbott, Tuttington, Erpingham, Marsham, Hevingham and Cawston. We are planning to deliver in the North Walsham area if there is enough demand. Please call Alison on 01263 733385 if you would like to know more or fill in a form at the bottom of this page.

Normal Service Lunch Clubs

The ACT Lunch Clubs are very popular as they provide an opportunity for those who may otherwise become isolated, to meet friends, socialise and get out of the house. We provide around 500 delicious hot  home cooked meals each month. The combination of wonderful food and good company creates a highlight in the week for those who attend.

There are currently lunch clubs on four days a week in and around Aylsham,
Lunch is £6.00 for two courses. We may be able to help with transport and there will be a small additional charge for this. Please ask Alison on our reception desk if you would like to be collected on 01263 733385.

To find out how to book into Lunch Clubs please call 01263 733385.