Suzanne uses ACT@Saxon Court. ‘I do like it here. If I didn’t come here I would be sitting at home bored out of my brain.’ Suzanne is very much at home at Aylsham Care Trust’s new day service launched this month at Saxon Court in North Walsham.

Growing up in Essex she went to standard primary school. By the time she was old enough to attend secondary school it was clear that she would benefit from attending a specialist school which would better suit her learning needs. ‘I needed help with some of my learning, in particular my maths. If I went into a shop I just wouldn’t know whether or not I’ve got the right money. My Mum always used to do this for me.’ The oldest of three sisters, she stayed at her school and moved in with her grandmother in Essex when the other two made the move to Norfolk with their mother and father. When a place became available at Parkside school in Norwich, Suzanne moved back in with her family in Norfolk. She later completed OPEX 1 and 2 at Norwich City College, and to complete her education she attended a preparation for work programme there also. 

Suzanne has lived an interesting and varied life, marrying an American citizen called Daniel in 1999. She moved to Chicago where she lived for sixteen years before the marriage ended and she returned to live in North Walsham. ‘I can walk to Saxon Court from my home. It’s great exercise and I can pick up my shopping on the way home’.

Suzanne spends two full days at Saxon Court every week. Her personal support plan is focussed on her wellbeing and in particular helping to manage her depression and anxiety. ‘The staff make me feel safe here. I know they will help me & I trust them. I particularly like the activities that we do here: Hoy, Bingo, the group games, and especially the musical entertainment.’ A Nordoff Robbins music therapist attends Saxon Court every week.

Recently Suzanne has learned to knit. Pictured with Yvette, a member of the Saxon Court care team. Suzanne is now knitting woollen blankets and bedding for a local animal charity which uses them to keep baby rescue animals warm. She is proud of her work and of the skills she is learning. ‘Saxon Court is nice, friendy and helpful. It’s good to be with friends & other people.’