Dementia support

Our dementia sessions at the ACT Centre have been suspended because of the Coronavirus pandemic. If you or a family member have been attending these sessions and you need support, please call us and we will help if we can. for some people, just the opportunity to chat about their week makes a huge difference.

We are developing a community care service and this can include support for those living with dementia or respite care to enable their carer to have a little time for themselves / go shopping or attend an appointment. There is a charge for this service Find out more here: Community Care

Dementia Support ( What follows is a summary of our normal services)

Do you experience memory loss, difficulties in thinking, problem solving and speaking? Come and join a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy group which can have an impact on these symptoms.

Programme of sessions at The ADCT Centre in Aylsham:

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Wednesdays £6.50

Maintenance Cognitive Stimulation Therapy 2pm - 3pm £6.50, Wednesdays

Conversation Cafe - Tuesday & Thursday 10.00am – 11.15am. £6.50

Lunch Club - Tuesday & Thursday 12pm – 1pm. £8.50 for lunch and staff support.

The Activity Group - Tuesday & Thursday 1pm – 3pm. £13.00

Carers Support Groups 1st Weds of each month 2pm – 3pm

Music Therapy Oscar from Nordoff Robbins deliver Music Therapy every Tuesday. He is at the centre 1pm-3pm. We are running a group session within the activities group 2pm -3pm. There is also the opportunity for clients to have half hour one to one sessions with Oscar between 1pm and 2pm.

Dementia services are run by qualified and trained staff and volunteers who focus on the needs of people living with dementia. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a therapy for people with Mild to Moderate Dementia developed at University College London by a team of Psychological researchers. It is shown in research to have a positive impact on people’s levels of communication cognition, and quality of life.

To find out more please call 01263 733385.