Our fantastic supporter Bobbie is running in the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday and has chosen to raise money for ACT. See her Just Giving page here

Bobbie 1


"I volunteer at ACT and I’ve seen first-hand the difference that ACT can make to the lives of elderly and lonely people. Most of us take simple things like having a natter with someone, going out for the day or popping along to the supermarket for granted. For too many in our community, their homes become their prisons. ACT provides friendship, a listening ear, a good lunch and the opportunity to escape from home for a few hours. ACT is one example of how amazing things can happen when a few people with good hearts do very simple things.

If you can spare the cost of a cup of coffee, ACT and I would be very grateful. Any donations will help to keep the minibuses rolling, the volunteers smiling and the building warm and welcoming."

Bobbie, you are an amazing supporter and we will be rooting for you on Sunday. Please support if you can. You can find Bobbie's Just Giving page here: