Christmas at ACT

On Christmas Day our amazing café staff and volunteers will be at the centre cooking lunch with all the trimmings and delivering it. We are also preparing gifts to take to make the day as special as we can. Of course we will miss serving Christmas lunch at the centre as we normally do but hopefully this will be something to look forward to in 2021. We will also be able to deliver a Christmas day tea. ALL ORDERS FOR CHRISTMAS DAY MUST BE RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 18TH AT THE LASTEST.

If you don’t normally have lunch delivered but would like to, including for Christmas Day, then please call Alison or Caroline on 01263 733385. What about buying lunch to be delivered as a present for someone who you know that lives on their own? The cost will be £12.00 per person including delivery if you live in Aylsham or the surrounding area.

We will also be offering a Takeaway service on Christmas Day for people who would like to have the joy of a homecooked lunch… without the washing up!  The cost will be £12.00 per person. ALL ORDERS FOR CHRISTMAS DAY MUST BE RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 18TH AT THE LASTEST

Alison and Caroline, two of our staff call all of those who have lunch delivered once a week to see how many days they would like lunch delivered and to check if there is anything else that they need, for example delivering shopping and prescriptions. We have also been running our normal Volunteer Car Scheme for medical transport journeys to hospital or GP appointments.

Our staff take a well-earned break from 26th December with the centre re-opening on 4th January. We will be talking to all of the people that normally have a lunch delivered and offering the option of delivering a range of meals prior to Christmas Day. These will be cooked and frozen by our staff so still very enjoyable so that there is a meal that can be easily prepared on the few days that we are not delivering.

Our meal delivery service is likely to continue beyond any restrictions. Many will choose to come back to lunch clubs etc when they are able but for some it may not be possible or be what they need.

We are tremendously grateful to our staff and volunteers for giving up their time on Christmas Day to help others. We are also grateful to those individuals and businesses who have donated money and gifts to support our work.